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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slip N' Slide

Hello, my lovely readers!

So work was very quiet this week, with two night shifts in the music/DVD department and another being a cover for everyone's fifteen minute break. Not too much to report, but during one shift when it was really slow, my boss brought out some construction paper, markers, and stickers to make a 'scrapbook' with the tally sheets we've been keeping. Remember those? The new policy where cashiers mark down how many emails, memberships, etc. we get? Well me and some of my coworkers got to to go through through them all, pull out the best, then tape them onto the construction paper that everyone had decorated. I'm quite proud to say that many of my own tally sheets were picked out and posted, and I can't wait to see the results when I go in for my next shift. Hopefully this will give everyone the drive to do their best and work harder!

My internship is going smoothly as can be. Not much is happening here either, but I'm still enjoying it. It's hard not to when I get to learn about all sorts of interesting fashion stuff. Like, do you know there's a perfume out there that costs $1,150 because of the jasmine ingredients and crystal bottle!? And on there's this campaign for making a line of gender-neutral shoes. I've actually looked over the webpage, and the ankle boots are pretty cute. Again, I'm no shopaholic, but I like good clothes and looking good, so it's nice getting all sorts of tips from editing these articles. It also helps that I get exposure to some nice merchandise I'd like to buy myself. For instance, this week there was an article about tank tops from, and I fell in love with this one:

I'd like to think this suits me. Another something for my mental wishlist (to be used for birthdays and Christmas only!).

I haven't heard anything on the book front, but speaking of books, let's pick up on where I left off last week talking about M.O.A-27. Now if you recall, I was talking about the Underground and the role it plays both in the story and with one of our main characters Thayer Hooliban, since you can't understand the man Thayer is without knowing about where he came from. But now we can talk about him, so here it goes. Thayer Hooliban is a friend of Shawney's, though it hasn't been revealed yet how they met. He (Thayer) is a full ungudie, born and raised in the Underground, where he lives and workers as a professional fighter in the Underground fighting ring known as the Tar Pits (because that's where you got to get the tar beaten out of you). He's one of the best, and how he fights is a good reflection of what he's like as a person; vicious, lethal, quick, and crude, but still realizes the value of life, which is why he doesn't follow the 'kill the loser' policy of the Tar Pit. He visits his Renatolian friends frequently, being one of the handful that go up on a frequent basis, and takes exceptinal pleasure in poking, prodding, and generally annoying the hell out of Ursele (like a little preschool boy with his first crush? That just may be). But for all his swearing, scruffy appearance, and lack of manners, he's a loyal and decent person who likes his friends and is more than willing to help Moa figure out the mystery she's in the middle of.

Now, to our regularly scheduled Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: Face Off. For those who don't know what that is, it's an epically awesome contest show of the Sci-Fi channel based around movie makeup and effects. Each week the contestants have to make some type of creature based off a prompt with molding latex and rubber into these awesome costumes. It's just amazing to see the creative process at work with the sketching and the creating and the final results. Not to mention I love creating creatures as well (though getting them to look like what I imagined on a piece of paper is a whole other story). I've known the show existed for a while, and I even saw a few episodes before, but this week I had the chance to catch up and watch this season up to its most current episode, so there are definite plans to continue watching.

Dislike 1: Ice on the road. We got a lot of snow here, which has led me to the discovery that I HATE driving on icy roads. Coming home from work last night was horrible; I went under the speed limit, and I still felt the tires sliding around underneath me at times. I got home safe and sound with no damage to my car, but I can't wait for the roads to clear up.

And quote!

"Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done." -Amelia Earhart 
See you later,

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