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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Visits

Salutations, my lovelies!

Just like last week, this week of work was quite slow. I was placed in the music/DVD department for all of my shifts, and when I wasn't helping customers or watching whatever was showing at the moment (there's currently a choice between The Boxtrolls, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, or Arthur's Fountain Abbey), I got to stroll around and look at interesting movies and CD's. It's actually the most peaceful part of the store, even more so the mall cash register (ironic given it's the section where all the noisemakers are), but you still have to keep an eye on customers so they don't walk out of the section with an unpaid disk of some sort (because we prefer people paying for music/movies in the music/movies sections). Probably the most exciting thing that happened at work was getting a call in order to put a record on hold (we do sell records and record players). I was able to find it, and the whole process went smoothly which made me happy that I was able to help someone. But this week, turtle fast as it was, still wasn't without its frustrations, and that was the fact two customers hung up on me when I (politely) told them we didn't have the item they were looking for in stock. One guy at least actually said, "Thank you" before hanging up, but the other customer was all, "Oh, I see," before dropping the call. They could have at least held on for me to offer to order whatever they needed. I mean, it's not like these two people were the worst customers ever, or that their behavior ruined my day, but should they have been so abrupt about it? I don't know, but what's done is done. Carry on, Colleen!

I got a break with my internship this week. For reasons unknown two of my writers were temporarily switched with two others, and I only had to edit five pieces this week! Of course, I still did a fabulous job cleaning them up, and in turn learned abut Fashion Week in Milan (pastels and roses are in), and saw Kate Middleton in her swanky maternity wear (when I have kids, I hope I can look that good). And there's some new hair product out by the Kardashians (not a fan of them, but at least they're no Jersey Shore. Yuck!) that I may want to try on my hair. Apparently their Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream is a miracle worker for frizzy hair, which sounds like exactly what I need, because as much as I love my curly hair, I end up wearing it in a ponytail about 75% of the time because of how messy it can regardless of what I put in it. Maybe this will help (or maybe I just need to learn what I actually need to do to keep it under control).

To my latest about my book, let's get to the main antagonist now that all our heroes have been covered. Out bad guy is Dr. Kendarius Bentwood, who's the CEO of New Horizons Labs, the number one science organization in Renatola, and the Chairman of Science Studies on the Illusions King's council (the Illusion King is king of all Renatola, and like with our own government, certain officials are selected to the king's council to watch over certain parts of the government; ie, Bentwood modulates all technological/scientific study to make sure it's beneficial and doesn't break any rules). He's a really important figure in Renatola life, but as the readers, we know better! After all, he's broken the 'no cyborg' rules by creating Moa and her fellow M.O.A's for a purpose only he knows of, and he has everyone fooled into thinking Moa's some some runaway robot meant for police use that's been programed wrong. He's paternal in the sense he knows more than what he lets on, he's always exceedingly calm to the point where he doesn't show any negative emotion, and he keeps his card close to his chest; despite Moa and her friend's best efforts, they have discovered little of what Bentwood's planning on. And if he does his best, it'll stay that way.

Well, that was kind of dark. Let's lighten things up with some Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: I got to see my sister and dad this weekend! They came flying in thanks to some short school/work breaks, and it was great to see them since I've missed them so much. We got to spend Saturday together, and it was a good day: Dad and I had ate out, then we drove up to UMKC to see what the campus is like (it's enormous compared to Knox, but thankfully it's all in one place AND it's only a few blocks away from the fabulous Kansas City Plaza). Once that was done, we met up with Maggie, and we ended up going to the Prairiefire Museum and saw their free dinosaur displays before having dinner with the grandparents. It was all good fun, and it's always great to see family even for a little while. Love you guys!

Like 2: My official acceptance letter for UMKC came in the mail! Little beats the pride of seeing an acceptance letter when you've worked really hard on earning it. A bunch of paperwork came with it telling me what I need to do next (much less fun filling that stuff out), but I've gotten some of it done, and there's no immediate rush on anything. I'm just still so happy I got in.

Like 3: Dad fixed my car. Remember when I said the front dome light wasn't turning off so I had to remove the light bulbs? I'm kinda embarressed to admit it, but it turns out there's these two hidden buttons on the dome that can turn one light on and off, so I guess I somehow clicked one button, turned it on, and thought the bulb or the wiring was to blame. Oops. :P But everything's back together, and I don't have to spend money of getting it looked over. Car problems solved!

Dislike 1: Customers who just hang up on the phone. See above.

And quote!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." -Lao Tzu

Love you all,

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