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Monday, February 23, 2015


Good day to you all!

So, work was work this week. I did nothing but cash register work for the most of it, although I did get one day of being everyone's fifteen. Have I talked about that yet? I basically work a few hours at one spot, then I spend the rest of my shift covering everyone else's fifteen minute breaks. This means I can over at the music section, at customer service, upstairs, and at the mall cash register all in an hour, and while this may sound tiring, I like it. I'm not stuck in one place for a long time and I get to change what I do, which always stops work from getting tedious. So that was fun, as was pulling a last minute miracle in selling two memberships during the last hour of my night shift on Saturday!

My internship is back on track. My boss emailed us all and while she didn't say why the picture upload wasn't working last week, she figured it out and we could upload pictures this week. The missing editor who took a week off came back, so it was back to the normal amount of work. Not only that, I figured out something about one of my writers. You see, we put tags on articles so readers can find similar pieces one they're done reading, and one writer wasn't posting enough tags. I was getting annoyed, but I've found out that she's having issues attaching tags to her articles. And it made me wonder: how much of what's wrong with an article is possibly the website's fault? Either way, I think I need talk out issues with the writers email to email instead of automatically assuming they're not reading my notes or something.

Onto my book! I've realized that there's one character I haven't talked about yet, and that's our dear ruffian Thayer Hooliban! But first, some quick background: Renatola (the city-country everyone lives in), strives to be perfect, but also realizes that creating utopia is hard. As such, crime and poverty aren't so much as eliminated as simply put somewhere else. 'Somewhere else' is called the Underground, basically a city under the city where the law doesn't apply. There's all sorts of bad stuff there, and those who live there (called ungudies) do so by choice or by the fact they were born there. A handful go up top, but a lot of above people come down to have all the drugs and sex and whatever else they want without getting into trouble. There are times, however, when the 'activities' of the Underground come to Renatola, and when that happens, police raid are sent down below to arrest criminals and close down the biggest and most offending businesses, basically thinning the Underground out so it leaves up top alone. But of course, people are resilient, so eventually said businesses open back up, though ungudies usually do their best not to give the police a reason to visit.

And I'll tell you about Thayer next week. Onto the Weekly (Dis)Likes!

Like 1: I GOT IN!!! I got a phone call from UMKC saying that my application's been accepted! There's supposed to be some stuff coming in the mail, but if things turn out well, I'll be an attending grad student this fall. YAY!!!!!!!!

Like 2: I have recently discovered the wonder story that is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and it's wonderful! It started when I was surfing through Netflix and came across the movie from 2011, which I watched, and it was so good I found a second movie (from 1996) and watched that as well. It's such an excellent story, with mystery, romance, and a hint of Gothic undertones, not to mention the titular character is a badass in how she stays true to herself and keeps her integrity when nearly everyone her has none. I got myself the book, which I plan to read one of these days, and it's a book/movie that I recommend all you readers to watch as well.

Like 3: Shopping! I received $100 dollars worth of gift cards to J.Crew, so I did a little retail therapy on one of my days off. They had some nice stuff on sale, and in the end I bought some skinny leg, gray slacks and a white blouse with a pattern of black keys. Wore them together to work, and got a lot of compliments on it!

Dislike 1: At the same time, I got notice from KU saying my application has been declined. BOO! I'm not going to say it didn't sting a little, because it did, but it's okay since UMKC said yes. As far as I'm concerned, it's KU's loss. :P

Dislike 2: I had a bit of a scare with the cops this week. I was driving home from work on Metcalf when a cop started driving behind with his lights on, and I started internally panicking, wondering, "Oh my God, what did you do?" because I didn't know if I'd done something wrong or what. So with a deep breath, I pulled over to the side and got ready to apologize for my driving error. THANKFULLY, the cops drove right by me, speeding off to somewhere else they were needed, so I guess I didn't run a red light or anything. Which is good, but the situation was still scary overall.

And quote!

"The power to question is the basis of all human progress." -Indira Gandhi
See ya later,

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