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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Perfect Day

Hello! For those who haven't been sucked into the Superbowl and are reading this instead, thank you very much!

Work this week was a mixed bag in the sense one day was perfect, one was stressful, and the rest were average. What happened on the good day (which was a cash register day) was that I got three new registrations for memberships AND I got complimented to my face about providing such good customer service! That's never happened before, so even if I hadn't gotten a single membership that day, the compliment would've made it. On the other hand, on Saturday I was on second floor customer service, and though I like being up there, it had its moments; I had to make an order for some old lady who didn't know what she wanted (as in she didn't tell me anything other than she wanted a connect-the-dot book that I couldn't find in our systems) and right after that I got swamped by three customers asking for three totally different things and one of the newbie workers there asks me to help her find a book. I do not deal well with stress at all, so this situation completely stunk (though my manager gave me a pep talk afterwords, so Saturday wasn't complete bust). And I'm probably making this sound worse than it is; all in all, this was a good work week.

One last thing about work was that we got some new cash register policies. For those who work there, you really got to focus on the membership: we now have to put a flyer in each customer's bag and highlight the amount the person would've saved on their receipt if they don't have one. I'm not complaining (since that's how I got three memberships this week), but we also have to keep score sheets now. For every time we get a membership, a renewal, an email, etc., we tally on a slip of paper that we stick in a box at the end of the shift. That's not too bad either, though I did get nervous when I first learned about it (it's like, you don't get enough marks, you're in trouble), but my coworker Kari said not to worry because no one's been fired for not selling enough memberships (all we can do is try, after all).

Compared to work, my internship was simple. Got my articles, edited them, added pictures, and sent them back. There was one annoyance, though, and it was an article on the national costumes in the Miss Universe contest. It wasn't even really an article (more like a paragraph with a bunch of pictures), but she still had four misspelled words, and they were easy to spell words, like 'although'. Combined with some other errors, and it felt like she rushed writing that article. And maybe she did; maybe life got in the way and she had something else to worry about. I'm not one to judge, but I did make a note of it in my notes to slow down. Let's see if it helps.

Writing is back to normal as well. I've made a little headway in getting back on track with 'MOA-27', but after last week's excitement, haven't heard from Leticia. It's only been a week, though, so let's give it some time.

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: The little girl who entertained herself by reorganizing the mini stuffed animal display at work. When I was on second floor duty, I saw a little girl basically organizing the toys into groups based on what they were. There's a Lego play table right next to this display for kids t play at while their parents look over books, but cleaning was more interesting to her. Thanks for the help, kid!

Like 2: Seeing my old high school English teacher. When I was behind the cash register, up came Mrs. Kolich. It was a surprise to see her, but a good one nevertheless. She told me how things at St. James are going (great, for the most part), and how her daughters, who I was/is friends with, are doing (they're doing good as well). It was good talking to you, Mrs. Kolich!

Like 3: Going grocery shopping all by myself. Ran out of food, so I ran by Walmart to pick up some stuff. There's something incredibly satisfying about doing this kind of shopping, and I got all kinds of good food.

Like 4: New books! What's not to like about new books!?

Dislike 1: The cold weather has returned with a vengeance! Why, Mother Nature, why!?

Dislike 2: Getting stressed out at work. See above.

And quote!

"Winners never quit, and quitters never win." -Vince Lombardi
See ya,

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