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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here's Me With the News

Good evening everybody. This is the lovely Colleen Boyd reporting live from the comfy confines of her bed!

So what was work like this week? It was work. I had a night shift, was stuck at Mallcatraz (what we call the mall entrance cash register because you're basically isolated back there) twice, and I had a second floor shift as well. I can happily say that this week's working on the second floor was not as stressful as last week, given that I wasn't overwhelmed by customers asking me if I could help find this or that, although I was placed on both the front and mall registers occasionally because other employees called out or were late. I was even told by my manager that a customer told him about the fantastic service I provided, so that really made my day. True, I didn't get any memberships this week, but you maybe get like ten customers per mall shift, and how many out of of ten will buy a membership? Not good odds, I'll tell you!

My internship's going fine, although all my writers are driving me a bit nuts. We have these Word documents where we basically write about what needed to be fixed in each article and what improvements can be made for next week, which isn't bad, but it's starting to feel like they don't read all the comments I write down, because sometimes they change things to go along with my suggestions but sometimes they don't. Not enough tags for one article? Still not enough next week. Needs more contractions (don't, isn't, we'll, etc.)? That's not happening either. I'd like to think myself as tolerant, so it's going to take some more of this before I write to my boss about it, but I do hope they take all my advice seriously, because I'm really just trying to help.

Writing is picking up! Not in the sense of hearing anything from Leticia or Rich-the-editor, but I got a lot done in getting back to my usual schedule. Right now I'm writing from Shawney's point of view, and he's just taken a bad blow from an evil cyborg sent to bring Moa back to Dr. Bentwood. He's bleeding and can't talk, but he can hear and see what's going on around him, and what he's hearing isn't good; Moa's gone on a wild rampage and, while's she's kicking major butt, Thayer's house is in danger of collapsing and the cops could show up at any moment! Can Moa beat her evil 'sister'? Will Shawney live? Will all of them manage to escape in time? I know; do you? (Keep reading this blog if you don't!) ^_^

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: Ritz crackers. Buttery, salty cracker goodness. Yum.

Like 2: Getting back on track with my writing. See above.

Like 3: Getting a 'hi' note from my friend Lauren, who says she's been thinking about me and says we should meet up. I'd love to!

Dislike 1: Being interrupted when I'm talking about the membership. This is a new something to add to the "Stupid Things Customers Do" list. I mean, I'm not saying you have to BUY it, but can you at least let me finish asking if you'd like to buy one before you say no, not in the middle of my sale attempt. No one likes being interrupted, people!

Dislike 2: The fact I'm sleeping too much. I've completely screwed up my sleeping schedule, and now it feels like I'm sleeping half the day away. It's affecting all the stuff I usually like to do, so I need to straighten this out NOW.

And quote!

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." -Herman Melville

Signing off,

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