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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

Hi, everyone. For those first time readers, welcome! For those returning, thanks for being such loyal readers!

Work was fine this week in the sense I only had a three day work week. I think the last time I had one of those was back when I first started working at Barnes & Noble last year, so it was kind of weird yet relaxing at the same time; I made sure to put that extra day off to good use! Otherwise, I did a good job selling memberships again. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I can't help but feel there's a chance I might be at the top of the sales percentage list for this week, which would be good. What wasn't good was the two screaming kids I had standing in the check-out line when I was on the register one day. Usually I like kids, and would like to have some myself in the future, but when you have sensitive ears like mine, crying kids SUCK. I mean, if I hear one bawling, I go in the opposite direction as fast as I can, but I couldn't because I was on the main register, and basically had to flinch my way through two moms trying to purchase stuff and keep their brats under control. The second kid wasn't as bad as the first, given the husband was and took the kid away when it was Mom's turn to check out, but the first was in his mom's arms while she was buying stuff, and that wasn't fun at all for either of us. Should they have apologized for that, though? I wasn't offended that they didn't, but I'm asking as someone who wants to know what to do in any situation since I don't like not knowing what to do if something goes wrong. Do any moms reading know the answer?

I had a lot of work with my internship this week. For some reason one of the other editors had to take this week off (I hope everything's okay), so her work was split between me and the third editor (there are three of us). That's not too big an issue, considering the extra articles weren't any longer than the ones I edit on a daily basis, but I was stuck looking over that one writer I've talked about before who drove me nuts with her lack of skill. I cleaned it up as best as I could, but I'll be happy when the other editor returns. And at least I don't have to write work reviews this week; the boss is rewriting the review sheet we fill out for each writer, so we just have to answer some basic questions instead. What is a problem is that the editing site we use won't allow us to upload the photos we need for our articles because there's 'not enough space to upload'. I sent an email to the boss telling her this, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. I hope she talks soon, because I don't want to get in trouble for something I can't fix.

Writing is writing. I'm moving along with the fighting scene. Moa's coming pretty close to ending the enemy cyborg, but what's to happen afterwords? I'm debating whether she blacks out again or stay awake and runs away with them, given how many times before she's blacked out. I don't want here to appear weak and let the black out thing get too old since I do NEED to use it one last time. But we're getting towards a very important part of the plot, with the introduction of a character that's been in the shadows until now, but is the complete and total reason why Moa is what she is now. I can't wait to get to it!

Like 1: Valentine's Day care package! I got a box of goodies from my mom in the mail! There was homemade heart-shaped cookies, Peeps marshmallow hearts, Girl Scout samoas, a fuzzy red heart plushie, and a candy heart toy from McDonald's (it's a joke since she knows I hate fast food). Thanks Mom!

Like 2: Valentine's Day. Or, in my case, Single Awareness Day! Yeah, I didn't have a significant other to spend the day with, but I did have the day off, and there's just something about holiday days, whether you celebrate them or not, that just makes your day better. So I spent my V Day editing, relaxing, watch Youtube videos, snacking on the treats from my mom's care package, and basically pampering myself. Aaaahhhhh ...

Like 3: Three day work week. See above.

Like 4: A unexpected gift from one of Grandma's friends. Grandpa and Grandma went out to dinner with their friends the Kilkennys, and while they were getting ready to go, Mrs. Kilkenny gave me a little piece of needlepoint that my grandmother had given her.

What's cool about this is that Grandma had originally made it for my great-grandma, who I remember as being a really nice lady who had a house full of the most interesting stuff. I didn't see this coming, but I said thanks a whole lot, and it's going to stay with me for a long time. I think when I get my own place, I'll hang it in the bathroom, which I'll paint green and gold and give a nice plant theme to. Would that be good? Either way, thanks Mrs. Kilkenny!

Dislike 1: Screaming kids. See above.

Dislike 2: Picture problems. See above.

And quote!

"You are remembered for the rules you break." -Douglas MacArthur

Good day to you all,

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