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Sunday, March 30, 2014

How Things Are

Good day, various life forms!

So first off, I did get a reply from Leticia! She's doing well, and her agency is doing awesomely too. I got some news about the manuscripts I sent to her; apparently the publishers are currently looking for contemporary, slice of life fiction instead of fantasy. She says she can hang on to the scripts until the market turns around, or I can continue working with SHP and get the manuscripts published through them. I haven't decided which one to go through with just yet; I'll need to confer with some people about which would be the best course of action.

Still setting up my Amazon author account. It's mostly done, but I'm having some trouble posting the link to this blog. I might need to take up Rich the editor on his offer with how to do that part.

In other news, not much is happening. The real work for this term is going to start this week, so I don't know if I'll be able to write every week like I always do. It's not like last year when I'm taking a whole bunch of hard classes, but it is my senior portfolio that I need to graduate. Who knows? Either way, if it turns out I don't have time to regularly post, this is a hiatus notice that will last until sometime in June. If I do have time, I'll see you all next week!

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: My spring break was good. I had a wonderful second interview, saw a couple of Oscar winners, and just generally relaxed while hanging out with the folks. It was good while it lasted. :)

Like 2: I found my missing game. Somehow it had gotten wedged into my wallet, and I found it when I opened it. No need for a replacement game!

Like 3: My two other classes. One of them is analyzing how scripts become plays, the second being a gender/woman's study class. They've been very interesting so far, and hopefully they'll stay that way.

Dislike 1: That damn portfolio. If I was nervous about an essay before this, I can only imagine how much more nervous this is going to make me. But if I edited and wrote my own book, then I can do this.

And quote!

"When all else is lost, the future still remains." -Christian Nestell Bovee

See you again,

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