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Sunday, October 19, 2014

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're wondering what the all-caps/shouting is about, you will find out momentarily. Until then, let's touch on other things.

Work is work, as in nothing bad and nothing exciting happened this week. I did start making arrangements as to days off during this Christmas holidays so some time can be spent with the family, so that's something. Otherwise it was normal; working at the cash register, working at customer service, putting books away, and cleaning up after patrons too lazy to do it themselves.

Editorial work is going well as well. The writers are turning their work in on time, and I actually caught a break this week because the two writers who usually post longer articles didn't, and post normal length work instead. Which was nice for reasons I'll explain down below. Otherwise, I got some really nice articles in terms of subject matter and photography; two were about fashion shows for designers Diane Von Furstenberg and Dries Van Noten, whose features pictures were awesome in terms of displaying the merchandise (don't know if I'd wear any of it, but it's nice to look at), and one was about this Japanese designer who makes her clothes with cloth she makes by weaving with leftover thread from waste fabric (those clothes were also pretty cool). So if you need some reading material, click here.

And in book stuff, the current book is going excellent; I'm still in the middle of the fight scene from last week, but there's going to be a dramatic turn of events as a fourth man enters into the fray with a weapon no one expected to help our heroine. Said lady, who you know is a cyborg, is part of a model line and has the designation M.O.A-27, the letters standing for Military Opts Automon, and has both lower legs up to the knee, her stomach, her right arm up to her elbow, and her complete left arm from shoulder to hand as army green robotics, with metallic eyebrows to boot! There's very little she can't do thanks to the super computer in her head, which can look up anything in the blink of an eye and all the gadgets she has stored away in her body; I'll admit her robotic abilities were inspired partly by Cyborg from the old Teen Titan cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. But there's some added additions, like jet boots, sonic wave fists, mini missiles, and more (I should make a list of all I want her to be able to do), all stored in a bio-synthetic body with metal bones and electrical tissue. She's no Transformer, but she's made for anything, and with knowledge of every single fight style, she'll take you down!

Now onto the Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: Want to know why I'm happy? I GOT MY FIRST CAR!!! This weekend while my dad was visiting, him, me, and my grandpa went used car hunting and made a day out of it. I did my research and found some really good cars at the local CarMax, but Dad suggested we try going to a dealer that's owned by one of his friends, and that's where I found my car! It's a silver 2011 Corolla with only 36K on it, has a 26 mile per tank capacity, has a clean cloth inside, and everything works! All under my price range. I'm happy that I have this, and I'm going to do my best to take care of it. I don't have a good picture yet, but I'll post one in next week's post.

Like 2: Family visiting! Both my dad and youngest sister came to spend a few days with us to celebrate my upcoming birthday, and it was fun. Other than car shopping, we had a nice lobster dinner at the neighborhood country club (it was delicious, with potatoes and corn and apple crisp for dessert), went out for lunch a bunch, and carved jack-o-lanterns (which I'll also post a picture of). It was great seeing them, and I can't wait to see them again.

Dislike 1: The Royals game getting rained out on Monday. I was supposed to go, but it got cancelled because of the rain and rescheduled to Tuesday night, WHICH OF COURSE IS WHEN I HAVE A NIGHT SHIFT AT B&N. Yeah, not very happy about that if you can't tell, and there was no time to call in and ask for a day off. GRRRRRR!

Dislike 2: The stoplight at 119th and Nall. It's fast in the sense that the green light lasts for only about ten seconds before turning yellow, and that drives me nuts, especially on my way home from work and there's a crapload of cars right in front of me. Does the light let us all go? No, it doesn't! And all I want is to go home after a long day at B&N. :P

And quote!

"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have." -Vince Lombard

Good night,

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