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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Business Calls

Ello-hay eople-pay! (Hooray for pig latin!)

So not a lot happening this week ... except for my first talk with SHP's marketing manager! Her name's Cindi, and she was super nice and really explained how the marketing is going to work for my book. Don't know if I can necessarily tell you all everything, but here's some things. We're looking for bookstores and libraries who can host book events, as well as looking into who can read the book and give it really good reviews! Cindi also gave me a little research homework of looking into others things, like finding other bloggers who could do interviews and things like that. Why couldn't homework be like this in high school?

These are just a few hints on what's going to happen from now until SA is published. Like I said, I can't tell you everything, but all will be gradually revealed as we start counting down to publication. :)

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: The talk with Cindi. Having it with her is just making this all the more real to me, and what can come from all this. Haven't cried tears of joy yet, but they'll come soon enough.

Like 2: Don't really know if this counts as a like, but my sister is jetting off to Ecuador! She's studying abroad there, and it sounds like lots of fun (Machu Picchu, Galapagos, and lots of fish to eat!). Still, can't help but worry a little about the flight there and the stay, so prayers for her safety will be appreciated. Have a safe trip, Al!

Like 3: Dinner with the grandparents. Had the most delicious tuna with the best of company. ^_^

Like 4: Mail surprises. Got a bookmark and a letter from my sister's friend's family. Thank you, Kubickis!

Dislike 1: The tub faucet. The tub faucet broke earlier last week. You'd turn it completely off, but water would still be coming out and making this high-pitched noise like a whistling kettle. We had the plumber over to get it fixed, but just this morning it broke AGAIN. I don't wanna think about the water billing coming at the end of the month. >_<

Dislike 2: The mountain of laundry in my closet. Really need to do something about that...


Ye-bay Ye-bay,

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