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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bookmark Express

Zippy-de-do-da, zippy-de-day
Blog entery's a-comin' your way!

See? Told you I'd keep my promise. Would've actually posted something yesterday, but I was busy with what I have to report for today.

Basically, I borrowed a car and my dad for the day and drove around to somewhat local bookstores and libraries to see if I could leave SA bookmarks to promote the book. I hit about five place, four bookstores and a library, and most of them said yes. One of them, however, (and here I go into ranting, get off my chest mode) said no, and it wasn't even the library (which didn't say 'yes' but at least gave me the branch director's contact info to ask if it was okay). No, it was an independent bookstore about an hour away from the two first stops (which were good) whose front desk person didn't let me leave the bookmarks because I told her the book was available for preorder on Amazon and she didn't want to help 'support the compitition'. What excuse is that!? All I was doing was trying to promote a book, and she seemed okay with it until I dropped the preorder thing, then it was like I flipped the off switch. She even knew how far I'd driven to see her shop because I said where I came from, and she still wouldn't take them. Not that she was mean about it, but still. Even Dad agreed that she was over the line in saying that, because the Amazon thing is for those who can't get it from their local bookstore! Jeez! No more Book Barn in Leavenworth for me.

The other three stops at the independent stores were better. I actually got the email of one store's owners who likes to keep track of local author's books (and a possible event), and I received possible consignment deals and an author event from another. All in all, very well worth it. So were the other libraries and bookstores I hit on the expeditions before this one.

Weekly (Dis)Likes

Like 1: The bookstores I went to. Won't say what, but give your local independent bookstores some love!

Like 2: My job. I really do like it, and the fact I got a free day this week doesn't hurt. :)

Like 3: Books in general. There is no such thing as too many books (and I'd like to see anyone try to argue that with me).

Like 4: Netflix. So many good TV series, so much work to do!

Like 5: Friend's mom telling me she was going to preorder a copy of SA this afternoon. What's not to be happy about?

Dislike 1: Book Barn desk clerk. Read above for why.

Dislike 2: Bug bites. There is a reason why I don't like eating dinner outside. -_-

Dislike 3: Talking to said clerks at libraries and bookstores. I know it has to be done, but it still makes me so nervous!

Quote of the Week:

Pip pip cheerio,

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