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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to School

Hi everybody!

Again, a two week break, but it was an important break! The reason I couldn't post was because I was moving back to college for my senior year. There was stuff to move and do, and I really didn't have the time to post anything (not that anything exciting had happened in the first place). But now I do, and now I have time, and considering I'm taking easier classes this term than last, I shouldn't have to put this on hold again. :)

So, for news, I've officially distributed most of the bookmarks SHP sent me. The majority was sent to Joseph Keehn, who's the library's go-to person for authors and promotions for all the libraries of Johnson County. So if you want one (and you're still in Kansas), go to your local library. Some other bookmarks were given to my grandmother to send to a friend of hers out of state. Apparently she has some kind of book club, and this is a good way to spread publicity that's not at home. Go Grandma!

Some other news is an email I received from Angela Parks, the teen librarian for the Olathe Public Library. She actually offered some book review and author websites where I can look over and request reviews and advice from. Haven't gotten any responses yet, but for the big site,, Rich says we can spare two copies of SA for them to look over. Haven't received anything back from the authors yet, but will tell you what they say.

Bi-Weekly (Dis)Likes

Like 1: I'm back at Knox. My home away from home!

Like 2: My classes. I'm taking a religious study course (I already like my professor for that class), Digital Photojournalism, and Modern Fiction. All very interesting, and all together not as difficult sounding as last term.

Like 3: My roommate. Her name's Lara, and though we haven't talked a lot because we're both quiet people, we get along just fine.


Dislike 1: The return of homework, assignments, and general stress. Like I said, the classes aren't as difficult as last term, so there shouldn't be as much stress,  but you can't help worrying. :P

Dislike 2: There's no bike rack around my dorm, so now my poor bike's down in the basement because apparently it's hurting someone to keep it in the front room, and I have to drag it up the stairs every time I want to use it. -_-

And quote:

Bye for now,

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