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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Salutations, ladies and gentlemen.

So remember in my last entry when I used the phrase 'grand theft bookstore' to say my work week was normal in the sense no one tried to steal anything? Well, I did have another normal week, but we (the store) actually almost had such an incident! I wasn't working the day everything happened (bummer), but I got the whole story from the manager and I can't help but be impressed with not only how everything turned out, but also with how my manager handled the stinkin' thieves.

As it is, it actually started a few months ago when two teenage girls stole a bunch of tiny plastic figurines right under our noses (not mine, though, because I wasn't working that day). Management, of course, wasn't happy and made it very clear by hanging a plastic bag full of the boxes the figurines had been in on the 'people to watch out for' billboard along with a security shot in case the two ever decided to come back. Well, this week they did. According to what my boss said, the guy working the mall cash register recognized the two when they came in and called one of the managers, who then called the boss, who confronted the two right at the same cubicle where the figurines had been stolen. What followed was a volley of questions and story changes where the girls said they weren't stealing, then they gave the receipts to a mom, then mom had left, then their phones died, and so on and so forth with my badass boss not taking no for an answer until the two finally admitted that they were stealing. After that, they were taken by mall security to the police branch that's in the mall (I didn't know that was there), where it was was discovered they had stolen merchandise from THREE OTHER STORES on them. Because they stole from four stores in a time range of seventy two hours, they actually committed a felony, and were charged as such, which means it's going to stay on their permanent record or whatever forever; even when they turn eighteen, which is the age records get sealed and stuff, the fact they shoplifted cheap plastic stuff from four stores won't suddenly vanish.

When I first heard all this, I was angry that these two dunderheads (I want to call them something worse, but let's keep this blog clean, people) would try something like this, and felt those two got what they deserved. And I'm still happy that justice was served, but I can't help but shake my head in disappointment that those girls would screw over their future for some tiny five dollar toys. How could something be worth that? Were they so confident they could get away with it (apparently not, considering the boss said they burst into tears when put in the holding cell)? So concerning the event it's with some mixed feelings of triumph and disappointment, and though shoplifters are always going to be a pain in the butt, the triumphant part of me is going to do my best to catch the badies before the financially hurt the store I love so much.

After all the excitement with my job, my internship seems kind of boring. I did get a break with one of my doesn't-listen-to-me writers getting temporarily switched to another editor, so that was sweet, as was the smaller amount of articles to edit. However my other writer who doesn't listen was a mess concerning sentence structure and flow with how often she repeated herself, and once again didn't listen to my suggestions. I'm going to email the boss about it (she told me to do so if it happened again), but at this point I'm either going to ask for a new writer or email her directly and figure out just exactly is going on. But it's not all bad; my newbie writer has listened to me so far, and her work has shown obvious improvement since last week. Working with her is going to be a treat.

Writing is slow in the sense that I'm still at in the scene where Moa's trying to convince everyone to upload whatever info's inside 35's head to her. Or maybe that's just me, because some scenes do seem to drag on. Most of the time it's scenes that are either boring or hard to write, like fight scenes, but every once in a while a scene that I think is going to be fun starts to stretch out. Maybe that's a sign that I need to start wrapping said scene up? Either way, when I get this feeling I just power through because I know what happens next and I want to get there!

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: The shoplifting incident. See above.

Like 2: My sister Allison visiting. One of her friends from college, who lives in the Kansas City area, was flying home from her study abroad program in Japan, so Allie flew out to essentially get her while some of the mutual friends drove out with Allie's car. They stayed the weekend, and it was fun. Allison and I had a good time showing them Kansas City; we took them to the farmer's market, walked around Union Station, Kaw's Point, and the World War I memorial, visited Crown Center for shakes at Fritz' (where model trains actually deliver your food), and stopped for some good Mexican food at Ponak's. It was great to see her, and her friends were funny and awesome. A short but sweet visit indeed.

Like 3: Bubble tea. I ordered some when we had some breakfast at the farmer's market, and it was DELICIOUS. Sweet milky tea with gummy balls mixed in; yum! I wonder if I can get some more without having to go back to the farmer's market again.

Dislike 1: The shoplifting incident. See above again.

And quote!

"Tough times never last, but tough people do." -Robert H. Schuller

See ya,

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