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Monday, January 12, 2015

Keep It Rolling

Yo-yo, chumps and chicks!

So, after last week's giant list of stuff that went down, it's back to the regular format of stuff, then list, and finally the quote. So what happened this week? It was rather slow, actually. Work was good, minus the one grumpy customer I ran into working the cash register. After last week, you probably don't want to hear me ranting about rude people again (I can only imagine how old it can get listening to stuff like this), so I'll make a long story short. The guy got mad because I gave him store credit on a gift card for his return instead of cash or credit (despite me telling him that because he returned the item with a gift receipt, not a regular receipt, store credit was the only form of payment he could get back as store policy said), and when I asked him for his signature, he refused to cooperate because I "wasn't cooperating". Everything eventually ended without a problem, but there's one more person I hope doesn't come visiting any time soon. But other than that, work was great, and the fact the holiday season is over means less being busy and getting back to the nice slow lull that the store usually has. Can't complain about that.

The internship is still good. I actually got emailed from the boss asking me to hold off looking at two articles because their writer has recently had a problem with spacing; every piece she'd post would be one big block of text no matter what amount of editing be done. But Boss fixed it and said she'd tell the writer, so hopefully it won't be something I have to worry about for long.

I've emailed my editor and my agent, but I haven't heard back from them yet. The last time I did, they said we needed to wait for the YA fantasy craze to die down a bit so the demand could come back; I wonder if that's come to past? I hope so. As for my own writing, I STILL need to get back to it, but I will! I NEVER give up on a story, especially one like MOA-27, because in my mind, it's a masterpiece.

On to this week's list!

Like 1: Spaghetti. Had it for dinner this week, and I can't think of a better meal. Makes me wish I had some Italian heritage in my blood, because their food is the best!

Like 2: Seeing friends at the B&N! I saw my friends Elle and Sara just as they were leaving the mall entrance, and we had a good chat. They'd originally come to the mall to shop for bridesmaid dresses, but they were having a little fun first. I myself talked about my applications to grad schools and how I'm going to start job hunting again, and it was just good seeing them.

Dislike 1: The grumpy customer who didn't like getting store credit. See above.

Dislike 2: Waiting to see if I've been accepted in ANY grad school I've applied to. Don't mind me just dying of worrying here!!

And quote!

"You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear." -Sammy Davis, Jr.
See ya later,

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