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Sunday, February 9, 2014

One More Thing

Going to where no blogger has gone before...

Can you tell that nothing happened this weekend from this opening line? Because it's true; almost a whole bunch of nothing happened this week. I blame midterms wrapping up. :P

But I say almost because Lena, the girl writing the article about SA for my college's newspaper, sent me an email saying how her journalism professor absolutely loves her article, but she wants to meet one last time to straighten out some last details (hence 'one more thing'). So the article will either be in this week's paper or next week--I'm thinkin' next week--if it's put in the paper at all (Lena's not like an official journalist for The Knox Student, but she says there's a good chance it will be, so I'm going to believe her).

Not much on the book front otherwise. Job front is looking good though. I have another appointment with a resource coordinator from a publisher I really want to work at, so I'm excited about that (it helps his granddaughter read the book and completely loved it). I also got in contact with a fellow Knox alumni who's also a writer/freelance editor, and she gave me good advice. I hope to stay in contact with her. :)

Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: The Olympics started! It's the one sporting event besides baseball that I love watching. Though I'm kinda twitchy about them being in Russia with the whole anti-gay thing going on and with the Olympics being all about human sporting rights, but they're still fun to watch. GO USA!

Like 2: I didn't have my history class two out of three days this week 'cause the professor was gone, so I was able to get ahead in my reading.

Like 3: Finally got in contact with the parents after being too busy with midterms. It was great to hear them both. :)

Can't really think of any dislikes this week.

And quote!

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -Mark Twain


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