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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Newspaper Interview!

Good day, readers!

Big news this time around. To my complete surprise, my grandmother got in contact with the local newspaper and told them about my book, and one writer wrote back saying she wanted to interview me. This hasn't been my first interview--I did one with a book blogger about a year ago--but it is my first interview for a paper!

The interviewer's name was/is Jennifer, and we did the interview over the phone last Monday. She asked me all sorts of questions, a lot of them being the usual things you ask during an interview: what was your inspiration, what was the publication process like, etc., but I also talked about my feelings on writing and a few of my personal feelings when it comes to words, such as that I feel everyone should try writing something for publishing. Yes, it's hard, but if you can do that, you learn that you can do anything. That's what it taught me, at least.

When the interview comes out, I'll post a link if it's available on the web and talk about it some more. I'm not exactly sure about the publication date, but I believe Jennifer said something about this coming Saturday. Can't wait to read it.

Weekly (Dis)Likes

Like 1: The interview. Yay for publicity!

Like 2: Back to school. There are positives being in college.

Like 3: We're having a blizzard up here, and so far my Mythology tomorrow has been cancelled 'cause my teacher's stuck in Chicago (hope he's staying warm). Granted, we still have work to do, but now there's more time to do it.

Dislike 1: The return of homework. Gross. :P

Dislike 2: It's EXTREMELY cold. According to the weather report emails I'm getting, tomorrow's going to feel like -40 degrees with windchill. Yuck. >(

And quote!

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." -Bertrand Russell

Stay warm,

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