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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet The Editor

Late night post! Let's get this rolling, 'cause I got a lot of news to share.

First off, I got to meet my editor! His name is Rich Storrs, and when he's not editing books for Spencer Press, he's a middle school teacher. He asked if I've made any changes to the TSA manuscript since I first sent it in, and if I hadn't, we could get to work with perfecting the story by setting up a Dropbox account we can share and rewrite on. I haven't change the story (and told him so), so any day he's going to write back, we'll make the account and start revising! I already know I'm going to like working with him; he actually asked if the "flamingred" part of my Gmail address meant I was a redhead. Apparently his wife happens to be a redhead as well. (Have I mentioned how much I love my hair?)

Second, I got a prize pack from Spencer Hill. There were bookmarks advertising their books, a magnet, a guitar pick, a bag, and other little goodies. It was all very nice, and was a great welcome to Spencer Hill!

Finally, I received an email from Leticia the agent. She told me that Spencer Hill has gotten my contracts. The deal is finalized, and I'll be getting my advanced payment soon! She also asked for me to send her any other book manuscripts I have (I got two!) that she can work with. But the best news is that the release date is now for December 2012, not for Winter 2013. Talk about the greatest Christmas gift ever! ^_^



  1. YAY! Rich is great - I met him at BEA this year! You'll have a great book with him on your side! Good luck!

  2. So very AWESOME Colleen!!! I can't wait to read it!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!