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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not Much to Say

Hi, everybody!

I know I skipped a week. I was busy last weekend with editing 15 photos for my big journalism project, so I was out in the digital photo lab a lot. Not that anything big happened last week, or this week for that matter.

Don't forget to come to the SWAMP ANGEL release party on Dec. 3rd, at 6:30 pm at Mysteryscape! Hope to see a lot of people there!

As I was telling everyone last time, I had an agent before my current one, who had to bow out due to personal problems. Sad and frustrated, I nevertheless started looking for a new agent. I found a site,, that gave me profiles to multiple agents. I basically went down the line with queries.

And then I found Leticia Gomez, head of Savvy Literary Services and mostly a representative for Latino writers. I sent her the usual query, and she was interested. So I sent her some more material, and she liked SA even more. The next thing I knew, she was sending me her contract. We've been working together ever since; right now she's trying to market two more manuscripts of mine alongside working with other people. In a non-couple sense, we're very happy together. :)

Bi-Weekly (Dis)Likes:

Like 1: HALLOWEEN!!! One of the best holiday's ever. Spent mine snug in my bed nomming on care package candy and watching Youtube videos. Very nice.

Like 2: Candy. Yummmmm.

Like 3: Because I'm in an art class, I got to go on the semester art department field trip to Chicago with other art students and four other photo students. Spent most of the day looking at amazing photos, then spent the rest of it taking photos and trying to find an Old Navy where I could spend the gift card I got for my birthday. I didn't, but I got some good photos to include in my final portfolio.

Like 2: Only two and a half weeks til Christmas break (and two and a half weeks closer to the SA release).

Dislike 1: We had to change our weekly project meeting for my Contemporary Lit class to Sunday from Friday because a member got sick. So not only do I have to go to 9 am Mass tomorrow (too early!), I'll have work to do that I could've done today on top of my Sunday photo sessions. Hopefully it'll be easy to do and not too time consuming.

And quote!


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