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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Party Planning

Waga baga baga baga baga!

Again, not much happening this week. Biggest thing I can probably talk about is that my mother and I have started planning the release party for Swamp Angel. All we have so far is a date (December 3rd, the day the book comes out) and a possible location (though it hasn't been confirmed yet). Said location is one of the independent bookstores I gave bookmarks to, Mysteryscape. I've sent a email to the owner asking it about it, even saying how my family will be willing to provide the food, but I haven't gotten an answer yet. Will tell you when I do, though, along with the developing party plans.

Being a student when I started writing, I had classes and homework to worry about. So instead of writing five pages a day (the average for a full time writer), I settled for half a page, and still do with my college studies. I try to type it in the morning because I feel less inspired and tired in the afternoon. With Swamp Angel, I'd work on my quota before school started and finished whatever was left later, typing it out on the laptop my high school gave each student for the year. Being seventeen at the time, I had my license and could drive me and my sister to school, but mostly I made her drive the twenty so minutes so I could have more time to write. ;P

Weekly Dis(Likes)

Like 1: The season Fall. It's my favorite.

Dislike 1: My religious studies test tomorrow. I studied for it, but you can't help but be nervous.

Dislike 2: Barely any sun this weekend, leaving me unable to take photos for my journalism class.

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." -Galileo Galilei


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