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Saturday, July 14, 2012

News and Writers Tips #3

Hello readers!

Not much on the book front except for Rich sending me his first couple of points to discuss. Apparently Rylan can sound a bit girly at times, and the ex best friend thing should be expanded on. And I agree! I guess writing in the opposite sex's point of view is harder than I thought. I probably made him girly because his dad was absent for the most part and was basically raised by his grandma. But Rich and I will look into it and make it better! (Sorry if you have no clue what I'm talking about; you'll find out when you read the book.)

So, since there's no other news, it's time for a writer's tip! Number three is ... write in your favorite genre!

Obvious again. But it clearly makes sense. I mean, if you want to write for a living, you want to do so by writing about what interests you, right? You wouldn't want to do it if you're, like, stuck writing non fiction (my least favorite genre) when you don't like non fiction. Write what you like to read, and it'll be fun! For instance, I like reading romance, fantasy, science fiction, and realistic fiction, so that's what I write. Why I like these is because it allows so much manipulation and imagination; you can create a whole world from scratch! How is that not fun? (And yes, realistic fiction counts because you can at least make the people and the situations they're in. Not like non fiction, which is nothing but facts about this boring reality. No room for creation whatsoever).

My point is, people are always saying that you should have a job you love and can have fun with. And part of that as a writer is to write something you would read as well. Of course, that doesn't mean other genres are off limits. If you want to try writing something you've never written before, go ahead. You may find it to be not so bad in the first place and have a new favorite in the end.

That's all for today. But before I end, I introduce to you a new section that will be included in each blog. It's called Weekly Likes, and it's basically where I list the awesome things I discover during the week. Here's our first list:

1. Wreck-It Ralph. It's a Disney movie coming out in November, and it looks amazing. It's like Disney's earlier TRON, but with a video game twist, including legendary video game characters like Browser from MARIO! Check out preview here:
2. All Star Game at Kauffman Stadium! Didn't actually get to go to the real game, but I did go to the Home Run Derby, and that was lots of fun. Man, baseball is awesome. It's like the only sport I like to watch besides the Olympics (can't wait for that either! Go USA!)
3. This Saturday morning's FYI section in the Kansas City Star. They wrote about FANFICTION!!! For a page and a half! They had a picture of a female Harry Potter on the front page! Granted they didn't write about the great purge happening on (did you sign that petition like I asked?), but still so informative! So amazing! ONE OF THE BEST PAPER ARTICLES EVER!

Eh, can't think of anything else. Smell ya later!


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