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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Contract Update and Summer Plans

After the big news about signing and sending in the contract, everything else has been a little mundane. However, I did get an email from Leticia today saying she's received the contract and will ship it off to Spencer Hill after she looks over it. I wonder what happens next after they get it. Does anyone reading this have a clue?

Summer vacation is almost upon me! Other than looking for a summer job, I'm going to be writing my 5th book manuscript (yes, I already have three other completed ones besides SA, though only two I consider good enough for print). Don't want to give too many details away on what this story is about, but it's going to be sci-fi, post post apocalyptic with science and romance and all that good stuff. It's probably gonna be the biggest big I've written so far, and perhaps the biggest challenge. But it's time to try and prove once again that not only men can write sci-fi. Hooray for gender equality!

Cheerio (and not the cereal),

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