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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Writer's Tip #6

Hola, me amigas!

Man, my life has really hit a dull point. I mean, I'm getting a book published and that's exciting, and so is the whole process, but right now not a lot is happening to report. That's what I mean by dull.

So this week's tip is: do your research.

I can hear your groans, and I assure you, I don't like research either. But except for hardcore fantasy books placed in completely made up worlds without a modern gadget in sight, most genres require a little bit of looking up for the subject your writing about, whether it be info about WWII for a realistic novel based during the 1940's to myths on vampires for a supernatural romance (and I really hope you're not, 'cause we don't need another Twilight). Heck, non-fiction is NOTHING but research. Like for TSA, I had to research swamps and their locations, plant life, and animals that lived there, plus I had to check if something like a swamp angel already existed (it doesn't). Without it, I would've ended up writing some completely fake account and ruined the whole book. You need to know your subject to write realistically and well about it.

So though we all hate looking stuff up, do it anyway. I promise your story will be better. You won't regret it.

Now, Weekly (Dis)Likes.

Like 1: Shopping. Did some shopping this week, and got a new sweater, a chambray button up, and some sweater tights. Now I can wear my skirts and be warm at the same time.

Like 2: dance club. Joined the dance club they have here. They offer a lot of classes, but the one I attend and love is Contemporary Dance on Saturday afternoon. Makes for a good little workout on top of all the walking I do here.

Dislike 1: forgetting my key. Forgot my key to my room doing laundry on Wed. Thankfully the window to my room was open and my roommate heard me, but still. Don't you hate that?

And this week's quote is locally grown.

"Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead." -Scottish Proverb

Adios, toasties!

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