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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Editing Time!

Yes, I know. "COLLEEN ELIZABETH BOYD, YOU DIDN'T UPDATE FOR TWO WEEKS!" I know, and I'm sorry. Week One I didn't have Internet access 'cause I was on vacation, and Week Two was busy (and maybe I was feeling lazy). But I'm back, and I got good news.

During 'The Week I Had No Internet', Rich emailed his edited, note-filled copy of TSA. Ever since I've been looking over a chapter a day, reading his suggestions and changing stuff. I'll most likely be done in another week or so. And then I'll send it to Rich for hm to look over.

That's really the exciting news. For "Angelina's Secret", I've had put that on a bit of a hold because of another book: Sebastian Barry's "A Long, Long Way". St. Andrews sent me a copy of the book because during orientation week, there's a book discussion for it AND the author is visiting the college. It's actually quite good so far, though I usually don't read war books; very lyrical and elegant.

No Weekly (Dis)Likes this time. It's a Bi-Weekly (Dis)Likes list!

Like 1: my sisters. I'm the oldest of three. I adore my younger sisters so much. One is only thirteen months younger, the other four years. The amazing thing about us is that we're all so distinct. I'm the writer and artist, the middle one is a sporty nature lover interested in saving the world, and the youngest is a singing social butterfly. Because of that we can learn from each other. I can't imagine being an only child.

Like 2: My vacation was a week at the family lake house. We've had it since I was born, and I love it down there. Sun, swimming, boat rides; it's a great place.

Like 3: While I was on vacation, my aunt and her family were there. I love them lots. My uncle is awesome, my aunt loves me lots (she's also my godmother), and my two cousins are so cute. Can't believe one is entering high school. I feel old.

Like 4: Kindle. I used my grandpa's down at the lake house to get one hour of Internet every day (that's how I got Rich's email and could start the editing). There's good, but when it comes down to it, I prefer traditional books. They got that great smell and you can substantially hold them and flip pages and it's just SO much rewarding to read like that.

Dislike 1: No Internet connection for a week. Granted, I did not gripe about it the whole time like Sister #2 did, but still. Need I say more?

Dislike 2: My grandma's been through a lot lately. Getting on a breathing machine, hip surgery, and now her shoulder's broken because she tripped over her own two feet. I'm so worried about her. I hope she's okay in the future.

I WILL be here next week.

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